Used to characterize you personally and what traits don’t bear any relation to you. What other features should be added to the description?

a) Aries (March 21 to April 19).

He never frowns. c.e..f..

She’ll tell you that she doesn’t like your dress. f…k

She tells no lies. h…s.

Sometimes she can be caring only about herself

and not about other people. s.l..s.

He always makes it clear about his feelings and

opinions and never hides anything. st…...f.….d

Taurus (April 20 to May 20).

She never gives up without a fight. d.t.r.i..d

He thinks he’s the best. s.l.- as….d

He always tries to escape any kind of activity,

preferring to take a nap or reading a book. l..y..n.s

She works 18 hours a day, jogs and plays tennis. e.e.g…c

He is very hard to persuade. st…..n

Gemini (May 21 to June 20).

She won’t share her presents with her sister. s..f..h

Math never presented a difficulty for him, and he

always helped his classmates with calculations. i…ll….t

He looks down at anyone who hasn’t got a PC and

an indoor swimming-pool at home. s..b…h

She likes to speak with excessive pride about her

abilities and achievements. b..s.f..

She has all the chances to become the Queen of

England as she is never late. p..c…l

Cancer (June 21 to July 22).

If you have a problem, she is the right person to

ask for advice or help. sy…t.…c

He’s like a donkey. s…b..n

She always thinks twice before doing something,

trying to avoid risk and danger. ca..i..s

He puts a lot of effort in his work, sometimes

working extra hours. h…-.or…g

She is not likely to open up, keeping her thoughts

and feelings to herself. s..r.t…

Leo (July 23 to August 22).

He doesn’t want any help or advice, he can do

everything by himself. i.d…n…t

There are two things that I don’t like about her

face – her face! t..-f…d

She cleans her flat 6 times a week and still thinks

that it’s such a mess! n..t

Be careful what he’s doing while your back is

turned. d..h….t

She throws parties every week, money isn’t a

problem for her. g….ou.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22).

He always thanks people for all kinds of things

they do for him. th…f..

She’s good at managing the household, never

throwing out money on unnecessary things. e..n…c..

If you are his girlfriend, never flirt with other guys

as he is … j..l…

If you are her boyfriend, take her out on a

romantic date as she is … d.e..y

She is always careful not to do or say anything

that will upset other people. t..t..l

Libra (September 23 to October 22).

She never starts a fight and always listens to all

your arguments without interrupting. p.t…t

He wants to be even bigger, even better – the best! a…t…s

She has very few secrets, willing to share all her

thoughts and emotions with everybody. o..n

He never frowns. c…r..l

She uses her common sense, seldom doing silly

things. s.n..b..

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21).

She’d solve all the problems on a desert island, p..c….l

and nothing would upset her. e…-g…g

He’s got both feet on the ground and he is rather


She can make people suffer if she thinks they

deserve it. c…l

It takes her HOURS to get ready for something. s.o..ok.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21).

He enjoys the truth and never tells lies. .o..s.

She is not afraid to go mountain climbing. b…e

She puts her heart and soul into her profession. d…c.t.d

They like to communicate with people. s.c…l.

Sometimes he can embarrass you without any

intention to do so. t…l..s

Capricorn(December 22 to January 19).

He will always stop to help a disabled person to

cross the road. s..p..h…c

She will never hurt even a fly. g..t..

He won’t be grouchy because of her noisy

neighbors. t.l….t

They expect bad results even if there is no chance

for a misfortune to happen. p.s..m…i.

You can relax if you put a Capricorn in charge of

some work, as he’ll do everything perfectly. .i.i.e.t

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18).

She is definitely not realistic believing in love at first

sight and that your destiny is decided in the heaven.

You don’t want to visit him without invitation as

you’ll find his flat in SUCH A MESS!!! .l.p.y

When a child, she never presented a problem for her

parents as she is … o..d..n.

He likes changes and it doesn’t take him long to

adjust to new circumstances. f…ib..

She can talk with her friends non-stop as she is … .a..a.i.e

Pisces (February 19 to March 20).

She is always nervous about talking to other people,

especially someone she doesn’t know. s..

He can see beauty in a pile of rubbish. i..g..a…e

They are able to understand other people’s feelings

and problems. s..s.t…

He is kind and caring in character and behavior. g.n.l.

If anything goes wrong, she may not believe her

abilities. p.s….s..c


Star Sign Your best qualities Your worst qualities Your appearance
Aries ^ clever, lively, energetic, warm, generous, sensitive, artistic selfish, rude, bossy, often bad-tempered medium height, square face, long nose
Taurus _ patient, organized, hard-working, calm, friendly, interested in business, money, friends and family lazy, selfish, obstinate, jealous, greedy, resentful, rigid short, beautiful eyes, thick hair
Gemini ` intelligent, witty, friendly, interested in books, people and ideas nervous, dishonest, changeable, too talkative tall, intelligent face, small mouth
Cancer a careful, sensitive, humorous, often happy, interested in history nervous, rude, anxious, shy, conservative round face, small nose, nice eyes
Leo b imaginative, optimistic, independent, generous, passionate proud, bossy, selfish, sometimes very untidy square face, generous mouth, attractive eyes
Virgo c patient, friendly, practical, punctual, hard-working, perfectionist, interested in nature nervous, unimaginative, inflexible, critical, jealous, interfering, fussy medium height, pleasant face, kind eyes
Libra d friendly, warm, energetic, pleasant, argumentative, interested in sport and animals lazy, disorganized, changeable, indecisive, dependent, timid beautiful hair, long fingers, calm eyes
Scorpio e imaginative, confident, brave, passionate, often very religious jealous, impatient, sometimes violent, extremist, possessive dark eyes, thick hair, interesting face
Sagittarius f intelligent,optimistic, self-confident, cheerful, interested in sport and travel rude, arrogant, sometimes too talkative, likes living dangerously tall, curly fair hair, straight nose
Capricorn g patient, honest, polite, serious, sociable, interested in home, politics, people pessimistic, unimaginative, conservative, sometimes shy small, slim, serious face
Aquarius h sociable, friendly, generous, tolerant, interested in sport and politics impatient, difficult, unstable, stubborn, sarcastic, rebellious, aloof good-looking, quite tall, fair hair
Pisces i sensitive, emotional, thoughtful, imaginative, artistic over-sensitive, disorganized, depressive, very interested in themselves medium height, round eyes, kind face